Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Could All Learn a Lesson or Two from Barry Commoner

'Commoner notes….that humans participate as members in Earth’s environmental system, but paradoxically they exploit the environment in an effort to produce wealth for themselves’ (Paulins and Hillery 2009, p.118). Barry Commoner has been trying to make us understand and take control of the weight of our footprints that we each leave on Earth ever since 1971 with his first book Making Peace with the Planet: Nature, Man & Technology. He explains the concept of living in two worlds, the natural world and our own creation the technosphere with ‘homes, cars, farms, factories, laboratories, food, clothing, books, paintings, music, poetry. We accept responsibility for events in our own world, but not for what occurs in the natural one [although] ….droughts, floods, and heat waves may become unwitting acts of man’ (Commoner 1990, p. 3). 

Also his four laws of ecology are astoundingly thought provoking and reign true! Will post those in my next post... 

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