Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Food for Thought
Barry Commoner's four laws of ecology ring in my head like a hummingbird flutters its wings. In every aspect of life these laws make sense, and should make you think about the environment not only in the fashion context but in every context. As stated in his 1990 book Making Peace with the Planet, the four laws are:

Everything is connected to everything else

This expresses the fact that the ecosphere is an elaborate network, in which each component part is linked to many others

Everything has to go somewhere
Together with the first, expresses the fundamental importance of cycles in the ecosphere

(Think about it -when you throw out an old t-shirt lets say, the end of the t-shirt's journey is not over once you've thrown it out. It becomes landfill and will stay there for years ...until it may finally break down depending on its fibre content, and the poisonous dyes will be absorbed into the soil etc.) A good alternative fiber in the sense of decomposing, is natural bamboo (not bamboo viscose which has the same high production impact on the environment as conventional viscose), so long as non-toxic dyes are utilised, this fiber decomposes the easiest from what I know so far. American Apparel have a good selection of bamboo garments.

Nature knows best

The ecosystem is consistent with itself; its numerous components are compatible with each other and with the whole

There is no free lunch
Meaning that any distortion of an ecological cycle, or the intrusion of an incompatible component (such as a toxic chemical), leads unavoidably to harmful effects.

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