Saturday, October 9, 2010

Orsalia Parthenis
Had a pleasant day fitting with Greek designer Orsalia Parthenis -turning up in my big goofy glasses due to an eye infection and not being able to wear my contacts, I was pleasantly greeted by Orsalia in her own stunning, bold pair of seeing glasses too.

S/S 2010

A/W 2009 - 2010

While admiring the to- be collection as it unfolded, I fell in love with a unique shirt. Already knowing I want to go and buy it, I was extremely excited when I found out just before I left that all the garments are designed AND manufactured in Greece; and not only that, the label is vertically intergrated! Which means that '…designers, marketers, cutters, sewers and knitters [are] together under one roof [which] reduces costs and improves quality control’ (Tungate 2008, p.323). 

Also another bonus is that models get a special deal! If you're currently modeling in Athens and are interested in the label, post your e-mail and I'll be able to tell you what kind of amazing deal we get.

Stunning Bridal Range

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  1. Stunning bridal dresses!! So elegant and feminine!!
    Great blog !!

  2. Yeah I was blown away by her Bridal collection! So simple yet so strong and feminine as you said! -Thanks Saatchi


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