Monday, November 15, 2010

Diana Sar -Update

Diana is currently encountering her first week in Tokyo! Generally the idea of a 15 year old modeling bothers me -believing it to be such a tender age to have to deal with the things that girls in our industry do -constantly being judged by our physical appearance, measured each time we join a new agency or even at some specific castings. It can be a lot to face sometimes. Even at 17 I don't think I would have been able to comprehend or have even wanted to know about the notion of having your hips measured each time you sign a contract! Although, being headstrong and having a love for fitness and healthy foods, this girl is definitely no average 15 year old.

With vivid colours being her favourite, in particular green, orange, red, blue and yellow; and also being adventurous with her will to try different and new things, I can't wait to see how the path for Diana gets paved in the modeling world. Am keeping an eye out for her next steps!

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