Friday, November 5, 2010

Just for you WONDERFUL yet BAZAAR Grecos
(I'm half that so absolute no offence intended;))

I placed my recycling in the large blue recycling bin like always yesterday and was so shocked to see it packed full, with things like plastic bags with orange skins, an old metal stand, and many other odd bits and pieces -food included!

Pass the message on to older relatives that may not really understand what is recycable! Paper, plastic, aluminium (soft drink cans, tins etc.), glass NOT FOOD -get a compost bin for that, not only is it great for your garden but it's amazing how much smaller your weekly garbage amount becomes. (Also I am quite sure that plastic bags are not supposed to be placed in those specific bins as they get jammed in the machinery. Re-use your plastic bags or recycle them in specific plastic bag recycling bins. If anyone in Athens knows where one is situated please share!)
The above fact is provided by neco -check out their website here
Naive is an excuse of the past. Spread the word!

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