Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Manufactured Beauty is Getting the BOOT! (and good riddance!!!)

With the struggle of keeping up to date with mass-production and media's perception of feminine ideals; understanding and appreciating beauty as a whole, including unique features of elements of one's character has never been more difficult. 

I have had the wonderful pleasure of being introduced to and included in a project that I am sure will become a phenomenon in the fashion industry

i'm-perfection is a concept and project that is for the first time making women feel comfortable, and even proud of their self-acclaimed flaws. It's purpose is to show that imperfections are misinterpreted elements of unique beauty. Seeing yourself and various physical features is always very different to how someone else sees you (as a whole) -read my previous post 'A Word of Advice'. 

Thanks to Stratis Kastrisianakis and Vassilis Kykrilis this wonderful project is underway! It's time to realise that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and that fabricated beauty is a thing of the past!

Some snaps from the website i'm-perfection 


Sarah Bledsoe, Texas, USA
'In my family, we have what we call the “Christy Ears”...[w]hen I was younger, I HATED them....I was the new “elf” of the school....I have been told numerous times, [b]y numerous people, I should have surgery and have my “problem” fixed, including people who have had a major influence on my career. I never did it, and I will never regret it. In the past few years, I have decided my ears are what makes me unique. Though many may call them an imperfection or a flaw, I embrace them for what they are…me' (

Rebecca Adrienne Arnold, Perth, Australia
'I have had freckles for all of my life, I had never really given a second thought to them until I reached about the age of 10. To me they were always just me. As a young girl I lived in the Middle East, where my freckles were considered freakish, local Arab people would stop and point at me and ask why I had spots on my face. I became resentful towards the spots on me when I started modeling at 18....[b]ut the bad also came with the good, there were people who loved my freckles, I always considered them as brave and forward thinking....I have one incredibly clear memory....[m]y mum also has freckles....but she considers clear fresh skin beautiful. We were driving home one afternoon when she asked me tentatively if I would consider fading them....I was so hurt that day that I became determined to love my freckles, just because so many people did not, it was almost like a small rebellion. So the choice was clear to me that I had to tell people how powerful body image can be and how it can hurt a person. My freckles are an obvious feature of me and I’ve learned to love them because I refuse to change who I am for someone else. This project has strengthened my belief that you are who you are, and to try and fight that fact, is possibly one of the biggest wastes of time there is' 

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