Thursday, December 23, 2010

=my new skin saviour.
Pronouncing this brand as ah-sop but now guessing it is probably pronounced something like ay-sop -because any time I try to pronounce any non-conventional English word I always get it completely wrong.
With no one being at my usual face product stall in MYER before I left for Greece, I moved onto the next and explored A─ôsop. The Parsley Seed Cleansing Oil was recommended to me -and over the past three months it has honestly worked wonders (hope that won't jinx me now!!) thus I wanted to share its magic. Usually when traveling my skin gives itself a free ticket to go crazy ,but I took a small amount of this on the plane with me and stole back my skin's to-be-crazy ticket.
'We advocate the use of our products as part of a balanced life that includes a healthy diet, sensible exercise, and a regular intake of good books.' 
(I definitely agree with this kind of balanced life!)

The best part about this label is that they are locals -made in Australia. On top of that, they are '...committed to including the highest-quality plant-based ingredients, [they] also make judicious use of non-botanical elements such as anti-oxidants, once we are confident that research has proven them safe and effective'. Not exactly sure about the second part of that reference, as in, what constitutes safe and effective when it comes to non-botanical elements? But that remains to be my only question about the label.

At AUD $47 for 200ml I think the pricing is also very fair -my bottle is only a third empty after having it for more than four months now! Also discovered that my friend from uni works there -which is always an extra positive aspect!

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