Friday, January 14, 2011

Barry Commoner

With the insane floods happening up in Brisbane I thought I'd share this notion -and stress how we all need to consider even the small ways in which we are harming the environment.

‘Commoner notes….that humans participate as members in Earth’s environmental system, but paradoxically they exploit the environment in an effort to produce wealth for themselves’ (Paulins and Hillery 2009, p.118). Barry Commoner has been trying to make us understand and take control of the weight of our footprints that we each leave on Earth ever since 1971 with his first book TheClosing Circle: Nature, Man & Technology.He explains the concept of living in two worlds, the natural world and our own creation the technosphere with ‘homes, cars, farms, factories, laboratories, food, clothing, books, paintings, music, poetry. We accept responsibility for events in our own world, but not for what occurs in the natural one [although] ….droughts, floods, and heat waves may become unwitting acts of man’ (Commoner 1990, p. 3). 

His concept could not reign any more true than it does in the mass-produced fast-fashion sector. Fast-fashion is created by product developers, who are people that take key trends and sometimes specific designs from the catwalks of London, Milan, New York and Paris; they then re-interpret or as some prefer to say, rip-off, the chosen trends, elements and designs. (I'll get into the nasties of fast-fashion as much as I can throughout this blog -share my thoughts on things I find out).

So please have a think about this and next time you buy a $20 top made in another country other than the one you are residing in -if it looks like cheap quality and won't last, don't say it's OK because you can just throw it away + buy a new one, the end of that top's journey does not end in the garbage bin; it continues to landfill and the toxic dyes absorb into our soil that we plant our food in! So hence a lazy $20 top that won't last long is actually a camouflage of  poisoning, firstly, our Earth, and then also OURSELVES!

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