Sunday, January 9, 2011

Credit to CYPRUS 
                                                                                 Kristy Marie Agapiou (above)
Being flown to Cyprus for one of my first proper editorials, turned into love at first sight! The people, the place, the FOOD... and the general ambience of the island was just amazing, Returning with some friends for the 2nd Fashion Week just added to the love for the country, the culture and buzz of FW had me in awe, and the event organisers and designers were so hospitable -everything felt like home away from home, added with a tiny bit of amazing culture shock.

During my trip a couple of months ago to Greece, I was so lucky to be flown once again to the amazing island for Harper's Bazaar and Madame Figaro (as seen in earlier posts). I got to experience a wonderful location shoot at a castle! And a magical dinner with my friend and his parents -hospitable, and welcoming is only an eighth of how I could describe the experience!
The amazing location for Madame Figaro -November 2010

The wonderful team -prepping!

The make-up artist bought me this cute, soft little souvenir bear which had me in shock, because I thought it was so sweet! (At the end of the day, she is just there to do her work, so I couldn't really believe she had bought me a present -once again, CYPRIOTS are just so warm +welcoming!)
Wanted to share this snapshot to show the spectacular work of the make-up artist! If only I had a small clue on how to use make-up like that!

..and now to the main reason of my post -Cypriot Model Beauty:
Kristy Marie Agapiou! She has mystical, attention-grabbing, soft brown eyes, strong defining eyebrows (which I'm incredibly jealous of!) Porcelain, olive skin, and beautiful subtle curves.

I met her at the Cyprus 2nd Fashion Week, and along with her killer looks -she has a really kind heart, and I'd guess a high level of empathy too. Hope to see this beauty working across the globe at some stage!

Love the sunnies in these two shots! Wish I knew which brand they were!

Kristy is with DIVAMODELS in Cyprus.


  1. ahhh i cant wait to go to greece in july
    it looks beautiful!

  2. I love the last two pictures with the girl at the beach, - very parisian!

    Great blog!
    xx Alyce

  3. July is such an amazing month to be there!! If you're going to Athens, the only area I'd say to stay away from is Omonia (make sure you don't book a hotel around there!) xxx

    Thanks Alyce -she's such a great model! xxx

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