Monday, January 3, 2011

Summer Lovin'
A week away up the coast was amazing, but of course not long enough. Thought I'd share some snaps.

Underwater Olympus μ850SW fun -no sharks in sight!

Something about horses makes my heart skip a beat! 

This is MEG! A unique soul -if the other horses were trotting to the left, she'd go to the right, if they were going next to a hill, she'd go over it! Adored her individualism. 

M E G ♥

Thanks to Dave for lending his handy hat -Australian sun demands a good one!


  1. wow what a beautiful holiday!!!! I love horses too

    Xx Yas

    ps: it was nice to run into you at that casting! thanks for your sweet comments about my blog and for saying hi to me!

  2. Yeah they are so amazing!

    That's ok -I really do love your blog and will be trying out that vegan choc. cheesecake recipe as soon as I place my next organic order for the brown rice flour and a couple of other ingredients.

    Thanks for leaving some comments on my blog too, and look forward to running into you again(was great to meet you in person! I was telling a friend about it yesterday) xxx


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