Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fashion Film -the post 2009 editorials.

In the world of Fashion Films, where editorials are almost running second, these films allow the viewer to be drawn into the fashion world and be amongst floating textiles, and for a few minutes be captured in a surreal yet realistic world of the specific fashion house/brand.


This is my second fashion film that I have been a part of -my first one in Athens! The film was directed and produced by Tina Sardelas in Athens, Greece in November last year. It features Christos Costarellos S/S 2011 collection -a collection of beautiful, feminine dresses that I wish I could have run away with! 

The House of Christos Costarellos was established in 1998, all of the dresses are designed and MADE in Athens, Greece.  It is a vertically integrated company, a way of being more sustainable, than those that outsource and manufacture abroad. I ♥ Christos Costarellos.

(The beautiful girl with the long hair, is Tamara Zsilinszki, Hungarian model whom I've now become good friends with!
Love finding kind souls, like this beautiful girl, in our industry of work)

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