Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inspiration Pics. x 2
I just can't stopping looking at these two pictures! I love the outfits and the facial expressions of the girls. They are taken from STREETFSN blog, which is my new blog addiction!

Adore the texture of the beaded vest matched with her little clutch
+adorable smile!!
She looks so sweet!

That headband is to die for! Once again, it's the texture that gets me -and the
rich 50s red with that soft navy blue sweater just complete her amazing look!
No doubt her porcelain skin +light eyes add to the beauty of the pic!

I'm off to a show rehearsal for the Prix De Marie Claire Awards tonight. Apparently we will be 40 girls in the show, so it's going to be big! Am taking my camera so promise some pics. of all the gorgeous gowns and sexy suits! Have a great day everyone!! ♥


  1. oh i love that head band in the second photo!!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. Isn't it pretty! I've definitely been inspired to try out a chunky big headband like hers next time I come across one :)) xxx


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