Friday, March 25, 2011

Life is Like a Box of Balloons ....BIG Balloons -You Never Know When Something Might Just POP!

Some pics. from our rehearsal for the Prix de Marie Claire show yesterday.

Model: Rachel Grasso from Priscillas
Girls hanging out
Model (+friend!): Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow from Chic

Model: Eliza Humble from Priscillas

Models: Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow + Stef Carter

It was subtly magical being around massive white balloons yesterday! There was definitely something very whimsical about them!! Will have some backstage pics. up a bit later on....


  1. The girl in the 3rd picture has a really lovely face. Her personality seems to shine through:)

  2. Yeah she is a whole lot of personality! Great fun girl +extremely beautiful! 0:))


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