Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love At First Sight with HANDSOME

Yesterday found me doing a test shoot (which was tons of fun with a great team!) We started off in Paddington and ended up at a little rocky beach next to Tamarama, where we not only got to wear some damn cool swimmers, but we got to watch about 4 or 5 dolphins surf the waves! They were so close that for a split second I considered acting like 'the uncontrollable nutcase' and jumping in the sea! (Hair and make-up included -which probably would have cost me a big scolding by the team, so I stayed put and adored the magical creatures from the rocks).
The team walking down the steps to our rocky beach spot
Back to these swimmers! Although summer is over for us Aussies, there is always time for swimmer shopping -whether you're heading up north, over to Europe to skip our winter, or simply just adore them like me, and could buy a good pair any chance you get. 

I tried looking for swimmers that were Australian made this year, and it was completely difficult. Trying on a full-piece swimsuit from a brand that I thought had to be made at home, since it is such a famous Australian label ....turned out to have a tag that read 'made in China'. Now really to be charging $200 for a swimsuit that is made in China seems insane, there would be two big devils involved that would reap the money profits -that I'm sure the workers, working on unethical wages miss out on! (Note to self: Buy Poorly Made in China by Paul Midler). And if that alone doesn't upset anyone enough, then think about the waste of fuel used to send samples back and forth from Australia to China, just to be able to produce the collection! 

After I fell in love with the swimmers from yesterdays shoot, I wrote down the name We Are HANDSOME and had a look at their website to find out where they are designed and made -with the thrill of seeing this:
Just amazing and lovely to know! My new official favourite swimmers brand is definitely a Handsome one!
There are dolphins in this pic. I swear -my blackberry was not tech enough to capture them!

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