Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Newtown Market -Snapped by YUHEE

The sweet Yuhee @ streetfashionstop took these pics. of me in my element at my market stall two weeks ago. 

After forgetting my sunblock the previous week +experiencing a harsh day out in the sun, I was eager to cover my shoulders and face -despite the heat. As for the boots, I'm still as in love with them as I was the first day I bought them in Athens, so it will take more than 40 degree heat to keep those beauties off my feet!


  1. gorgeous outfit!!! i love love love this dress, and your hat is so pretty!

  2. I thought it was Keira Knightely in the first photo for some reason! I love your hat! xoxoxoo

  3. Ahh thank you!! That hat has been on many vacations with me :))

    @Fashion Cappuccino -would be so wonderful to trade places with Keira Knightely for just a day, bet she has an incredible wardrobe!


  4. soooo pretty :) nice dress :)

  5. Perfect market outfit! You look fabulous x

  6. Thank you, really! And gosh you have a ton of nice outfits too girl! xxxx


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