Monday, March 28, 2011

P R I X   D E   M A R I E   C L A I R E -Backstage
Halcyon in Dion Lee (Thought her name was Calcium in the beginning, 
which thought was extra cool! Would it be weird if a girl was called 
Calcium? Somehow I think it's a great name, but I do accept that I can 
easily be placed in the weirdo category at any time/any place)

Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow in Zimmermann
Kelsey Martinovich

Kelsey Martinovich in Ellery

One of the Marie Claire stylist -I really adore her, think she's beautiful

+has a really great energy about her! Especially her voice, it's somehow
smooth ....and calming (and yes those comments probably just got me ticked
 off as a creep I know! But it is the truth!)

Alina with her camera from Lifebyalina
Husband + wife? ;p
Myself (in Josh Goot )+ Karima

Love this shot!
Halcyon + Karima

Simone Kerr + Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow

Lara Semrany touching up Alina's make-up

One the left is beautiful Yasmine from purplegrape

How cool is that make-up artist's hair??!

Lauren Rippingham on the left
Really liked the deep colour of nail polish!
Madeleine, the dancer who got to be lifted meters into the air with those 

huge white balloons!

And finally some of the backstage snaps! 40 girls stuck together for the day -two mini bus loads of 20 girls at a time on a ride from the backstage area to the show meant for some good laughs!

All Photos by Borrowed Jewel.


  1. very cool = )

    Hey! The first Giveaway of La Mode En Rose is up noow!! You are invited! i hope that you like it!!! = )

    kisses from La Mode en Rose = )

  2. Thanks Keyla!

    I've just entered your giveaway! They are some great vintage sunglasses!! xxx

  3. hey! :)
    really like your pics in this!

    I've finally posted some of my pics from the night now. just got you on like one non blurry though haha :(

  4. Ahh thanks!

    I'm going to check yours out now :0)) xxxx


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