Friday, March 25, 2011

P R I X   D E   M A R I E   C L A I R E -Rehearsal Snaps

The interior designing was incredible!


  1. this is amazing i wanna hear more about it !

  2. Yay you found my blog! I know it's stupid with the Swedish sometimes ;) I also know that the Google Translate sucks quite a bit, but it's possible to get it all translated so that maybe you at least understand a bit. Just take a look in the menu on the right side. Also stupid; it says "Välj språk".

    I think I'll post something about the Marie Claire as soon as I've had time to take a look through the pics and all :)

  3. About to post the backstage pics LeighAnna :))

    Alina, I was going to try google translate but then thought that might make me a creep haha! I'll look for the Valj sprak button, less creepy:0) Look forward to seeing some of your MC snaps too!!



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