Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Re-inventing your wardrobe without having to re-invent your income!
(The amazing and inspiring world of second hand clothing!)
Vintage GAP BLUE JEANS 'Easy Fit'

A quick trip to find some good vintage pieces for my Newtown Market stall (since all of my friends' and my own pieces are almost gone) found me buying for myself instead! I got these jeans which are probably about 4 sizes too big for me, without even thinking that I might like to keep them! But once they were washed and the soft denim colour +comfy baggy-ness of them screamed out to me, I realised that I'm not such a great business woman after all -rather I'm great at spending money on clothes for my own wardrobe! By washing these and styling them with my own current wardrobe pieces, I am prolonging the life of these beautiful jeans, and helping to keep them from the horrible death and slow decay of landfill!

Also got an amazing (Paris) menswear suit jacket, which I think I won't have the heart to sell either, as I've always wanted a good quality mens suit jacket -that's not too baggy to wear!

What do you guys think, are the jeans alright? Do you think that baggy boyfriend-style jeans could ever take over the world of skinny jeans?


  1. They are very pretty on you! I like the colours xx

  2. I always wore baggy jeans in New York I wish I brought them here. You should go shopping for newtown items at Anglicare in summer hill 6 dollar a kilo there are some wonderful vintage fabrics.

  3. I'll try to check out the fabrics! *I can find you a pair of baggy jeans ;)) They are just too comfortable for words! x


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