Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Castings`with`Armour ``
Found this embroidered beauty for only $30! (Reduced from $149.95)

But after buying it I wondered how could they sell it for so cheap when I
would hope the person who embroidered it got paid MORE than $30!

Wish there was a way for the consumer to control factors like that!
Definitely reducing purchases from fast fashion chain stores would help!! 
Which I definitely try to do, but it's tough when you buy an expensive brand
and then find out it was made in a third world country for almost no cost! So how do 
we know when we can pay the extra to support ethically made clothes? The only way I know is by purchasing clothes made in the country of my residence -so for now, Australia!

Grabbed my second hand denim vest( + scarf) to keep extra
warm while getting to and from castings.


  1. well its a beautiful top! U look great x

  2. Hi! I like your style:):) I have become your follower:)! visit my blog and follow it through Bloglovin


    Thank you in advance!!

  3. Great outfit lovely duck, I hope you are having a fabulous Easter x

  4. Thank you! xxx

    @ Chrysa -I will definitely check out your blog!

    @ Frankie S -Easter was definitely nice, hope you had a great time too + have some choc eggs left still!


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