Friday, April 15, 2011

T h o u g h t s

OK Vintage Clothes are definitely taking over my headspace at the moment! They are so inspiring!!

Here's my latest inspiration pic. I want a jacket exactly like this but in a bit bigger size! Etsy has a great range of vintage pieces, and that is where I found this beauty.
Available at evamaniadesign on Etsy - HERE

I got given some of my lovely neighbour's old clothes that she didn't want, and felt in absolute heaven -there's something about getting a bag full of second hand clothes (AND BAGS!)  to sort through that just thrills me. I know some people can't even stand the thought of rummaging around bins of second hand clothes, so in that sense I will accept to be the 'dirty child' who does, WITH PRIDE! :0))

P.s. I got a really cool Donna Karan t-shirt from my neighbour, and I love the fact that it was her favourite t-shirt that she wore all the time.

P.s.s. Fashion week castings have officially begun ...and it's tough.

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