Thursday, May 5, 2011

 E c l e c t i c   R o m a n c e   with Marnie Skillings SS 2011/2012

My first look

The gold-dipped shell necklaces are just incredible!
They are like mysterious good-luck charms
that would work with any outfit.
Eve from Priscillas in her first look

My second look

Adhiel from emg in her second look

Eve from Priscillas in her second look

Yifan from emg in her second look

Yifan from emg in her first look
The eclectic looks all work really well!
i.e. the print of the hat contrasted with the
floral print of the dress and fluffy texture of the
feathered cardigan
Lauren from Chadwicks

Adhiel from emg

Check out the studded bag! Really love its aesthetics
of texture

Once again, really think the print of the hat works
well to complete the look -especially with the
lovely shell necklace too!

Lauren from Chadwicks
Somehow the prints once again create a really
pleasing aesthetic being altogether in the same look!

All images taken from click HERE to go to the direct link for their RAFW section.


  1. You look amazing and that gold dipped shell necklace is amaze! Happy Friday get better lovely x

  2. You look amazing! beautiful girl x


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