Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Not Just about F A S H I O N
Peter Says:
For the week of May 16-20 I'm going to spend just $2 a day to cover all of my food. Every day 1.4 billion people survive on the equivalent of what $2 can buy in Australia. That's $2 worth in THEIR CURRENCY not just for food, but clothing, shelter, transport, everything - not to mention obscene Western luxuries like health care or education for their kids.Now I really REALLY like eating, so it ain't going to be easy... I'm envisioning a lot of water, rice and lentils. What's that you say? Isn't that what us almost-vegans eat anyway? Firstly, screw you guys! Secondly, no! I'll be giving up nearly all of my diet, including my sorely needed 7-8 cups of tea/day.In saying that, it's a week. And we really do need to remind ourselves just how ridiculously lucky we are....please do give big and support this initiative. All money raised goes to an awesome cause. And just as important for me is the awareness raising, so if you just get more interested in the issues from this then I'll be over the moon. In saying that, if no-one donates then this page is going to look pretty sad, so hit me up!Thank you!!

(Click on the pic or HERE to go to his site to read more or to donate securely over the net)

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