Tuesday, May 10, 2011

S e e i n g   V i n t a g e


Thanks to wonderful La Mode En Rose for the incredible giveaway  of these stunning vintage sunglasses! I picked up my package from the post office last week and got butterflies and jitters in my tummy when I opened the box! They just looked so cool wrapped in big bubbles of bubble wrap and the lovely Young and Ukraine business card complimenting the whole vintage style. Young and Ukraine curate vintage goods and sell them on their etsy store online, click on their name to visit their shop -they've got some pretty damn cool pieces available! 


  1. They look amazing. Your jacket is hot Sarah!!

  2. They are amazing. And your JAcket is hot sarah!!!

  3. Thanks Smita!! It's actually probably the most comfiest jacket that I own! Damn that we have winter around the corner though! xxx

  4. they looks AMAZING!!! i'm so happy that you like them!!!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose= )

  5. Thank you! ...I more than like them! They are a new favourite! :)) xxxx


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