Tuesday, May 10, 2011

W h a t   S i l v e r   T e e t h   Y o u   H a v e (Grandma Jones)!

My jewellery piece obsession of the moment is this lovely solid silver teeth charm + chain! It's from the Love & Luck sister brand Boutique Sydney whom I now spend my Sundays working for at the Rocks Market (love my job!) The charm is moveable -so the jaws open and close. And actually a girl who bought one two weeks ago inspired me to see it in a very admirable way, somehow it's just a cool, different piece to wear; the juxtaposition of sweet sterling silver with teeth that have a bit more of a tough image to seems to form an interesting harmony. What do you think, works well, or too strange?? x


  1. what a gorgeous silver necklace you have xxx

  2. Nice one, haha! Thanks Karin X


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