Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wee Jasper -Outfit Post
I didn't take many pics. while away camping for Easter, was too busy toasting sandwiches in the fire, painting, and eating all my Easter eggs before Easter Sunday. But for the one pic. I did get, here it is.

Hat: From a store in Monastiraki markets, Athens.
Jumper: Bonds ( I bought about 3 sizes too big and folded the botton hem inside the jumper, and stitched it in place -so I got a baggy jumper without it being too long, this is one of my favourites for sure, superrr comfy!)
T-shirt: Cheapo medium mens t-shirt

* Swimmers*

Sandals: Attica in Athens (they have a leopard print on the upper sole which I love, and in the sun they turn from clear to golden yellow -gadet-y things always get me!)

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