Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't  S h o o t  Me

Everything went as smooth as it could have gone today with our mobile phone shoot. We had set up the backdrop yesterday, and prepared the paper clothes, so it was just left up to technology and having a consistent flow of shots, to follow the storyboard. We also had the most amazing model anyone could ask to work with -Eve. She was so patient, had a laugh at us when we were being ridiculous, and sat on set reading her French book while we adjusted props and re-taped the mobile to a crate, or a chair etc. 

Our one main fault, which I have no idea how it happened, but the film started to get shot in portrait, instead of landscape, with my blackberry you have to hold it in portrait but it automatically films landscape to fit the landscape screen that it has. Our teacher pointed out this problem at the end of the day once we had just finished filming credits, model had gone, one class mate had gone to work, and for the two of us left -our brain's were already fried from lack of sleep, and constant thoughts. So we now have a limitation that we plan to turn into something creative and make it a feature of the film. Let's see....

Our 'wall' before...
...and after the paper explosion

The Paper Pants

We decided pants would be more playful than a dress, and less common too.

The outfit (minus the daggy orange wollen socks haha!)

Paper 'interiors'

Some behind the scenes snaps of our beautiful model Eve

The story is based around the concept of large paper earrings, we see a girl who has got a large ear hanging on her wall, and sees it as bare. So she decides to make some paper earrings for it, and gets carried away with mass consumption -instead of just one pair, she makes about 12 pairs. The film explores texture and colour as it's main focus and depicts the girl exploring the texture of the ear on the wall, the folding of paper etc.

An earlier storyline I had suggested was based around feather jewelry vs. smooth marble like jewelry, and would have had two girls passing each other their own style over a fence using those old tin phones (two tins joined together by a long piece of string). In a way I am glad we went for a simpler approach, it made us spend more time preparing props and setting up our studio and less left to chance of mucking up on the day; in regards to weather, models, having a continuous flow of scenes etc.

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