Monday, June 27, 2011

Hollywood Glamour vs. European Chic

A very good friend of mine in Greece, a wonderful fashion photographer that knows more about music and film, than anyone could even imagine, taught me some European basics. Thanks to him my eyes opened up to music culture and film. He introduced me to some cultural basics, pixies, Betty Blue, Bitter Moon (Emmanuelle Seigner, who is one of my favourite actresses, despite her very out-there sexual scenes, her personality portrayed in the characters she plays at first bewildered me, but now it amuses me, she's wonderful)...

Emmanuelle Seigner in Bitter Moon (1992, directed by Roman Polanski)

Image: Aveleyman

Emmanuelle Seigner with Harrison Ford in Frantic (1988, directed by Roman Polanski)

...the list continues: wearing converse shoes before they became cool again due to the media who over-exposed them and thus helped the fast fashion industry turn them into a fad. The list continues... Serge Gainsburg, Jane Birkin (Je t'aime moi non plus), their beautiful daughter Charlotte Gainsburg -with 5:55 being a favourite of mine. The list goes on... the main point is that living in Australia can make knowing some of these European favourites a bit tough, we get culture that are weathered down from the US in my opinion. I knew who Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were much before I even knew the name Juliette Greco or Jean Serberg, who were introduced to me today in our lecture; and seem to have done some interesting work. 

This concept is based around the Hollywood Glamour vs. European Elegance -which can still be shown today, just open up an Australian (or American) fashion magazine and compare it to W from France, it will show you exactly this comparison! There are models who simply work better in Europe, than they do in Australia -I won't compare America here as I have never been in that context. 

Juliette Greco, as told by Pamela Church Gibson, is that the black jumper look that she was famous for, was expressed as a political protest, it radiated black humour. However, Audrey Hepburn apparently 'cleaned up' this look (i.e. fashioned it), and became famously associated with the black jumper look, even more so than Greco.

Juliette Greco 
- I Am planning to find out more about her over the next few weeks!
Top image: Muzzique
Bottom two images: Fanpix 


Audrey Hepburn
Image: ABC

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