Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If the world was made from paper ...there would be no trees

We've finalised our storyboard for our paper earrings/to-be-titled film this Thursday, Felicity has picked up the magical jewels and we've found our location! So it's all happening! With a quick trip to reverse garbage this afternoon (I made the girls swear not to let me buy anything apart from what we needed for the project! I have a serious hoarding problem when it comes to clothes and crafts). We left there with a fantastic rolls of pleated paper (with a bonus of pleated black fabric inside!!) A roll of heavy weight tissue paper, two rolls of plain paper, some envelopes and Earth coloured A4 paper sheets. 

The goal for tomorrow is to make our model a dress to wear on Thursday's shoot. We all have no idea if the dress will be of a simple silhouette, an elaborated silhouette with added texture, or even a pair of pants + singlet. Tomorrow morning will reveal all....

Check out some inspiration pics. below

Jum Nakao's paper dresses

Images: Inewidea 

These are a bit too geometric an structed for our concept, but I think the contrast of negative and positive, with the cut outs work really well.


Kristina Sevostyanova

Greta Constantine
 Above two images: Design Float 

We have from 9am until 1pm -so let's see what we can accomplish!

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