Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Romantic Grain

Image: By Eve Arnold, source Photoaxe
Image: By Eve Arnold,  source unkown

There is something very romantic about old grainy, black and white photographs. Being left with this task of filming a 3 - 4 minute film with our mobile phones initially was disappointing, because I love the light that canon G11 captures, so I thought with natural light and that camera, the film would transfer a fresh, romantic feel just through the lighting -and I was excited to use the video option for the first time. I'm not someone who needs the latest technology, the best of the best (I still go fishing with a stick attached to fishing line when we go camping). So once I realised it was so that everyone in the class was limited to the same technology, and should be imaginative to use disadvantages as advantages, it all made sense. Being the only one to shoot with a blackberry, that is much more grainy than an iphone, I thought once again how great it would be, because it would reminisce an old black and white photograph, maybe one like Eve Arnold's amazing photographs of Marilyn Monroe (as shown above). But once blown up to fit the computer screen, the image got too distorted and just looked dull -so a huge thanks to my brother who lent me his iphone4, we sorted out our technology hiccup.

An example of why the filming on the blackberry just wouldn't work, the dead pixels draw too much attention to themselves when blown up, as well as an overall lack of clarity in regards to the definition. There's nothing romantic about that footage. 


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