Friday, June 3, 2011


Some may argue that this is not fashion related -but realistically it IS. We have a very large issue at front in Australia at the moment, with cattle being exported to Indonesia, and slaughtered in the most horrible ways imaginable.

There is an urgent cry for help, with almost 200, 000 Australians signing the petition on GetUp to ban live exports, without making politicians flinch with such a petition, they are now trying to push an ad (second video) to mainstream t.v. Any donation could help let these animals be heard by more than just the 200, 000 that signed the petition. OR if you're a bit short on cash (which I frequently am) at least add your name to this cry for help HERE. 

WARNING -this video is full of so much heart-renching truth, that it may affect you in a serious manner. As upsetting as it is to watch, I believe it is truly necessary to know what is actually happening to our animals, so that we can help change and eliminate this cruelty!  (Recommended vieweing ONLY for persons 18 years and older)

Really thank you for reading and ESPECIALLY thank you if you watched even some of the videos. Ever since reading the book by Kate Furnival, The Russian Concubine, where she describes a young Russian girl being caught and kept in a cage for days, with cold water poured by the bucket loads inside, and reaching the point of not being able to stand up when let out for a few minutes for 'games' I can only see these animals as other human beings -the difference of pain between 'us' and 'them' is no different.


  1. Im good thank you, I've been mega busy and just traveled to London (so i've dropped of the face of the planet for a little while) But im baaaak in cyber space now!

    thanks for sharing the link, I signed it and passed on the info

    <3 Yas xx

  2. AH NICE though! That's a good excuse to disappear -hope you're enjoying it over there.

    Just so you know Gillard announced that there will be a ban on live exports to Indonesia (temporary of course) BUT a great greeeeat start!

    Glad to have you back in the magical world! xxx


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