Sunday, July 31, 2011

 S u n d a y s

Sundays are made for catching sun, enjoying a late breakfast and coffee at your favourite local cafe, and a hang out with friends in the local park (minus the last part if you have uni research to get done -boo!)

Earlier in the week I discovered a lovely, soft cotton, waffle weave fabric so had to snatch it up and make some jumpers with it! Of course I have the same problem as I do when we find great vintage clothes that are supposed to be for our market stall -being able to stop myself from keeping it. Again another failed attempt, this jumper is now mine.
Jumper: s.e.v.
Shirt: Bershka
Leggings: Avocado
Boots: Fei, Athens
Necklace: Porcelain tea cup by s.e.v.
Hope you've all had a good week-end! Uni starts again for me on Tuesday and I'm stressing like crazy -going to miss my life with sleep-ins, lazy movie nights, and cooking things from scratch. 

(Illustrations on the door and wall are thanks to beautiful Freyja Benjamin of pony tales designs, and her creative flair at the Baltic house)

Photos by Otis

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

P l a i t s  -no pleats.

And voila, finally an over-due (top half) outfit post. The monsoon-like rain that we had in Sydney last week kept me mainly inside or outside with boring clothes. I did however experience my first ever Bridget Jones' bus scene, water slam last week! I came home looking like I had a night swim in my clothes -only good part was that it happened on my way home from work, rather than the way there! Phew!  (It was pretty funny though, I had a good laugh at myself before the cold shivers kicked in).

Somehow my hair decided to grow, and I can actually plait it now.

Jacket: Thrifted in Berlin
Cardigan outside: Thrifted on ebay
Cardigan inside: (a guilty purchase) from Zara in Athens
Shirt: munthe plus simonsen  c o p e n h a g e n 
Jeans: nathan smith


Friday, July 22, 2011

I n s p i r a t i o n  Pic. 

Fashion: Konstantinos Melis by Yiannis Laskos
Photo: Tony Veziris

Monday, July 18, 2011

W i l d   S i d e

with é salon's Force collection

I did this shoot earlier in the year, but I only just saw the images online last week. They really did a great job, and the submission won New Creative Force and Best Photographic Collection at Hair Expo for 2011.

Also really love the pics. with Eliza Humble and Sophie below.

Photographer: Paul Scala
Hair: Lisa Muscat
Make-up: Victoria Barron
Styling: Lucinda Constable

All photos taken from the é salon website.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Winter weather has got the best of me
Nostalgia has over-taken me

Beautiful Ivana from imzcr8

With beauty, Bonnie Strange, from strange ambition

If I could breather in water I would live in it

With my brother who is over there now

Every year Greece's summer steals my heart. This year I got too caught up in work over here in Sydney that I couldn't manage to see a trip to Greece happening, and now it's too late, since uni starts again in two weeks time. So I'm left with nostalgia and regret.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

That's A Wrap  (not a sandwich)

A huge thank you to Felicity's boyfriend, Sam, for editing our film yesterday afternoon/night, he did such a great job and patiently put up with adjustment comments from three of us girls sitting behind him at the computer screen. The music we've got playing with it, is really soft and moody -it features piano and a delicate feminine voice. I had envisioned piano music playing to our film from the beginning, and the timing somehow fits perfectly to our footage, so am very pleased.

I'm going to sign off and leave you with an interesting fact I discovered about PAPER DRESSES. 

Individual Clothes and accessories existed as early as the nineteenth century, when paper was especially popular for masquerade costumes. The first modern paper dress is credited to the Scott Paper Company of Philadelphia, which introduced it as a 1966 mail-in promotion. Consumers were invited to to send in a coupon from a Scott product, along with $1.25, in order to receive a "Paper Caper" dress made of Dura-Weve, a material the company had patented in 1958....[t]he campaign was unexpectedly successful, generating 500, 000 shipments and stimulating other manufacturers to promote paper garments. (Steele, 2010)

Paper Caper -by the Scott Paper Company of Philadelphia

Above images: DesignGallery

This hype of paper garments lasted until about 1968, like most innovative trends, they got overexposed and turned into passing fads.

Reference: Steele, V (ed.) 2010, The Berg Companion to Fashion, Berg, New York, Oxford

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh  E v e  Don't Eat That Apple from the Tree

Eve Gallagher -our it Girl

Her beautiful big and bright green eyes, her sweet cupid's bow lips (which reminisce those of actresses such as Clara Bow and Juliette Greco), defining eyebrows, and lovely curls just worked so perfect for us; they brought our white paper scene to life. And this girl isn't just beautiful, she's as nice as anyone could imagine, easy going and just great to communicate with. Not to mention, she's a second year interior design student at UTS who just got granted a scholarship to travel and study abroad next year! Go Eve! (And thank you so much again)!  xx x

All pics. by me


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