Tuesday, July 26, 2011

P l a i t s  -no pleats.

And voila, finally an over-due (top half) outfit post. The monsoon-like rain that we had in Sydney last week kept me mainly inside or outside with boring clothes. I did however experience my first ever Bridget Jones' bus scene, water slam last week! I came home looking like I had a night swim in my clothes -only good part was that it happened on my way home from work, rather than the way there! Phew!  (It was pretty funny though, I had a good laugh at myself before the cold shivers kicked in).

Somehow my hair decided to grow, and I can actually plait it now.

Jacket: Thrifted in Berlin
Cardigan outside: Thrifted on ebay
Cardigan inside: (a guilty purchase) from Zara in Athens
Shirt: munthe plus simonsen  c o p e n h a g e n 
Jeans: nathan smith



  1. such pretty hair xxx

  2. Lovely jacket!
    Follow each other? :)



  3. Thanks girls!

    @Lucija, definitely -I love your posts!

    xx x


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