Sunday, July 3, 2011

That's A Wrap  (not a sandwich)

A huge thank you to Felicity's boyfriend, Sam, for editing our film yesterday afternoon/night, he did such a great job and patiently put up with adjustment comments from three of us girls sitting behind him at the computer screen. The music we've got playing with it, is really soft and moody -it features piano and a delicate feminine voice. I had envisioned piano music playing to our film from the beginning, and the timing somehow fits perfectly to our footage, so am very pleased.

I'm going to sign off and leave you with an interesting fact I discovered about PAPER DRESSES. 

Individual Clothes and accessories existed as early as the nineteenth century, when paper was especially popular for masquerade costumes. The first modern paper dress is credited to the Scott Paper Company of Philadelphia, which introduced it as a 1966 mail-in promotion. Consumers were invited to to send in a coupon from a Scott product, along with $1.25, in order to receive a "Paper Caper" dress made of Dura-Weve, a material the company had patented in 1958....[t]he campaign was unexpectedly successful, generating 500, 000 shipments and stimulating other manufacturers to promote paper garments. (Steele, 2010)

Paper Caper -by the Scott Paper Company of Philadelphia

Above images: DesignGallery

This hype of paper garments lasted until about 1968, like most innovative trends, they got overexposed and turned into passing fads.

Reference: Steele, V (ed.) 2010, The Berg Companion to Fashion, Berg, New York, Oxford

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