Friday, August 12, 2011

Bonnie Remember That?

One of my favourite memories is my trip to Berlin with my fantastical friend Bonnie! She had the best two connections over there, who took us to the best op shops one could ever hope to visit -especially when you find one that takes payment by the kilo!

That levi's vest was thrifted in Berlin, and I love everything about it -it suits pretty much any outfit, and is the comfiest thing ever.

B e r l i n   I   h o p e   t o   s e e   y o u   a g a i n   v e r y   s o o n

The names:
Vest: Levi's vintage
Shorts: Vintage Levi's cut offs -available HERE
Belt: No name, thrifted from U-Turn in Surry Hills (LOVE that store!)
Shoes: Peep Toe
Scarf: My step-mum's
Wolf Ring: Serpent and the swan (YEP I found it again! It was behind my clothes draws!! Was hysterically happy when I spotted it!)
Moth Ring: Serpent and the swan
Bling Ring: I don't remember, bought somewhere on a travel trip


  1. Linked u thru chictopia.really love it,the vest,sandals.u look amazing:-)
    much love,

  2. really cool outfit i like like;)

  3. Love it

  4. so cute

  5. Love everything about your blog. I can tell that style will become famous one day! I mean, who else can pull of a red denim vest? You look stunning. Add you to my favourites list on my blog lovely, can't get enough!
    xx, Maria
    ps: I'm a new follower, would you follow me?

  6. You're very beautiful! Love this favorite piece is definitely the Levi's Vintage vest (only because men can wear it too lol).

    I'm a new follower for sure!
    xoxo - ron

  7. You're so gorgeous! I love your sense of style, it is so whimsical and suits you so well. I love the wolf ring!
    I am having an adorable floral-print purse giveaway on my blog, just in time for spring! X

  8. Love the double denim! :)


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