Wednesday, August 10, 2011

S k i r t s  and  L e a t h e r
Summer you tasted so sweet while the calender told us it was winter's turn. He's back now, and I miss you like crazy -I'll just pretend you're hiding around the corner with a metal baseball bat, waiting for the right time to kick winter's butt!

Today's look.
Leather Jacket: Vintage 80s (acceptably) stolen from my bf
Vest: Vintage Levi's
Silk/Cotton Singlet: Passionata
Cotton Skirt: Funky Femme -Newtown
Socks: Something from my childhood (I know, weird! But I had a cool mum who bought me sweet ass boots, that suited over-the-knee socks)
Leather Boots: Tommy Hilfiger (will wear these out until the sole cannot be repaired again)


  1. haha 'acceptably' stealing is the the best way to get new clothes! I am obsessed with that jacket - this look in general is just heaps cool. Your blog is awesome and aligns many of my similar style interests. I'll be following for sure!

  2. Ahh thanks! I think I only subconsciously knew the trick to getting new clothes in my wardrobe, until you put it into writing haha!

    Your blog has unlocked the info on some very cool jewellery pieces +earthy yet metallic colours! I'm following back, you've just helped me with some concept work for my womenswear subject at uni, thanks! x

  3. i love that jacket, you've got a great sense of style!!! :)


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