Saturday, September 24, 2011

S u n,  G r a i n  and  T h o u g h t s .

Catching some afternoon sun, ended with myself being caught. Somehow images are a result of freezing time. My little sister turned 9 today, I wish I could take a water slide ride back through time and visit the days that have passed since she was born. My memory seems to fail me all too well, I can only remember fragments of things, or specific events, it seems it was better then though compared to now -these days I have trouble remembering what happened 2 days prior! I think it's what's in the water, I've switched my nice-smelling deodorant for a non-aluminium one that completely fails me on hot days (: /) and trying to alternate my fluoride toothpaste with a non-fluoride one, but nope this memory is even worst than an 80 year old woman's. 

On an aesthetic note,  I like the grainy effect in this pic. I've had a hair cut, but it has already grown again -there's something so magical about short hair, it seems to grow faster.

Silk, lace singlet from Galerie LaFayette in Paris


  1. I love the colors and style of this pictures! You have a lovely hair :)

  2. Already a member of your blog:)You're doing such a great job!!
    My blog is
    Follow me back if you like it!

  3. Thanks girls!!

    Celia checking out your blog now xx

  4. That first photograph is beautiful x


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