Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let  us  S W I M

Had a really fun day doing this shoot, Des Renford Aquatic Centre in Maroubra was spectacular, I plan to spend a day swimming there this summer!

And now on top of my Sass&Bide list of things to buy, there are some sweet 60s summer-fun swimmers! Need to get this uni semester out of the way, to make the shopping more guilt-free..

Lover lace-knit two piece - I need to own this!

Chanel one-piece the saddest thing about these jobs are giving the clothes back at the end of the day!

Photos: Corrie Bond (really beautiful and calm energy)
Fashion: Penny McCarthy (I think I fell in love with her! She has a great, strong personality and fun side too) 
Hair: Daren Borthwick
Make-up: Craig Beaglehole


  1. i need to own the lover lace knit two piece, too!

  2. Hey Nicole, the label is actually called Lover, the website is -they have some really great stuff!

    P.s. those swimmers were so comfy to wear as well!


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