Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More than E X C I T E D

Quick note -a man at my work explained the apparently old Jewish saying 'I'm not rich enough to buy cheap clothes'. It's quite thought provoking and makes a lot of sense, by spending less on cheaper quality clothes, they are easily destroyed and disposable, but spending more money on good quality goods, means it will last longer and you will put more effort into restoring it if it wears out. Thought this was a great thing for everyone to keep in mind, especially these days with the financial crisis that creeps in and out of our lives.

Hope while shopping for Christmas presents people will think about this and not buy junk/cheap disposable items that will find their way to landfill all to quick!

P.s. promise an outfit post for tomorrow -found some sweet items while thrift shopping today

P.s.s. am shooting the Frankie mag cover tomorrow (am absolutely more than excited!)

This is one of my favourite previous covers. Issues #43 with Joanna from Priscillas

Image: frankie


  1. 'I'm not rich enough to buy cheap clothes.'
    i agree 100% and shall quote this on my facebook page, linking back to your article. well said! i am a fashion girl. ;)
    my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/exbulimic.

  2. PS: there is a giveaway happening at my blog right now!!! 
if you’re a reader and lover of fabulous starbucks nuts & KIND bars, then you must enter my contest! it also supports two fantastic causes ~ the humane society of the united states & toys for tots. here is the link!

  3. wow, that's an interesting quote. Ah, shooting for Frankie?! That's awesome! congratulations :) I love Frankie magazine.

  4. Will check it out Nicole, thanks for letting me know!

    And thanks Magnet! Was pretty shocked to get it!



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