Thursday, January 26, 2012

B L A C K S H I P  Magazine ...Remember the name!

I had a sequence of amazing and unfortunate events yesterday ..I'll leave out the unfortunate, and let you know about the amazing one(s).

Ivana from IMZcr8
I helped assisstmy fascinating model-stylist friend Ivana on a shoot around Bondi yesterday, for a magazine that is being launch in March/April this year. The model was the strikingly-beautiful Tiah from Viviens Models, and all of the clothes/accessories seemed to work with her skin tone and hair colour OH-so well! I was extremely excited by each look that got put together; so I am telling you now, when March/April comes around you must remember the name Blackship and take a look!

Image: Viven's Models

Image: Viven's Models


on the right -Low Luv Bone and Pyrite ring from Coda Bazar


Amazing colours


Moody Grey Bondi Sky


A HELL of a shoot!

Also I was even more excited when two s.e.v. bracelets got styled into a look! Can't wait to launch the new bracelets.


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