Sunday, January 8, 2012

C O D A   B A Z A R

I got introduced to this website the other day (week) and I must say I was in absolute awe -the Nallik and Low Luv pieces in particular all blew me away ...and I've been thinking about them ever since. What girl does not need a piece of mystical/aztec warrior style jewellery like these?!! 
(Number one on my f-never-ending wishlist!)

(This baby is on sale at the moment)

(Also on sale!)
(Yup you guessed it -also on sale ;)

Also the website is full of crisp, clear images and easy to use shopping categories; such as a gift idea tab based on price ranges etc. Check them out, I can see it becoming a great tool for accessorising yourself/friends!

(p.s. there's a pretty good sale happening on a few pieces this very moment -check it out)


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  2. awesome jewels, that ring is amazing!
    thanks for sharing, I'm checking that shop out right now. happy 2012

  3. I'm glad you girls like! xxxx


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