Friday, January 20, 2012

If Only You Knew....

If you thought you were strange, you need to check yourself against Miss Strange! She is true to what she likes, isn't afraid of what people will say/think, and is just magical. I love her imagination, her tiger Peter (I always wanted a pet monkey and tiger as a child! ...Well also a unicorn but I gave up on that one last year). She has great ways to reject her 'haters' comments by basically giving them love back haha! 
Image: Fashion Daily Mag, Berlin
She is a wonderful vegetarian, with some interesting recipes, she seems to know how to throw a hell of a party, and dresses with such a unique style that is true to her name and her love for the 80s -I'm not so sure about all of the cheap clothes (as we know cheap clothes are not designed to last and are bad for the environment) BUT she seems to always have a hell of a lot more funky second hand finds in her looks, which counts for a lot too!

Anyway... see for yourself how incredible this girl is, I'm sure her BLOG will have you hooked and her facebook PAGE will give your day either a bounce of giggle or a touch of inspiration!

Bonnie Strange I  YOU!

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