Friday, January 6, 2012

Yo Nico! What's Under There?

I was literally (I wish) surfing the net the other day and came across this Aussie label Nico who not only have some incredibly beautiful, unique, quirky but elegant underwear, most amazingly -they are MADE IN AUSTRALIA! 

They state that they  '...minimise [their] impact on the environment and make all of [their] garments in Australia under ethical conditions' they also claim that their '...materials are sustainably sourced and Nico Underwear is made to last'. I'm not sure what exactly sustainably sourced means, but I'm guessing it would have to be along the lines of sourcing as locally as possibly (to save on fuel damage to the environment) and hopefully it also means sourcing from crops/factories that consider the environment and either eliminate or reduce their harmful chemical use ...I may be dreaming right now, but lets hope that that is what it means.

Prices are higher than the average bra and undies ...but if everything was made ethically these days, their prices would be standard AND if you think about it, technically they are only higher initially, but if they are as they say they are 'made to last' then you'll be saving by  buying a set that lasts rather than 5 el-cheapo pairs that give in after a month -either way check them out and see for yourself

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Added note re: sustainably sourced materials

The super lovely Lis from Nico has let me know what they mean by sustainably sourced materials, basically they acquire fabrics that have minimal environmental impact, and only source from textile suppliers who have a proven ethical production record (this comes down to workers not being exploited, and looking out for workers' safety). Nico's first collection was made from bamboo, bamboo is a pretty amazing fabric in terms of it being harvested without the use of pesticides, and minimal amounts of water (compared to cotton, which uses a huge amount to be harvested!) The most amazing part of bamboo is that it can decompose easily, so basically as long as non-toxic dyes have been used, you can put your old bamboo clothing piece in your compost bin and feed it to your garden later on in life -this is the case of natural bamboo; bamboo viscose is quite different, while it uses minimal water, no pesticides, and is a fast re-generator, the process of turning it into a textile uses just as much energy as most other textiles. Kate Fletcher's book, Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys explains bamboo and its environmental effects more clearly than I possibly could, so I'd recommend reading her book to clarify. To the point ---> It is amazing on its own that nico is AUSTRALIAN MADE, let alone that they consider their environmental impact and ethical codes! I can't explain how happy it makes me, seeing a label like this blossom in our country... hope they stick around for a really long time!

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