Wednesday, February 15, 2012

C O L O U R  S a s s  &  B i d e

T-Shirt: Sass & Bide (

Denim: Sass & Bide (
Belt: U-Turn, Crown St. in Surry Hills (secondhand)
Boots: Some oldies but goodies, got them in Athens and wore them like crazy for a few years! Had a broken zipper on my way to a job in Paris in the SNOW! (which equalled one very cold leg for the day!) But with a good shoe repairer and another polish (due now!) they are still in damn good wack! 
Bracelet: s.e.v. (

I love the texture of the print and the sequins on this t-shirt. It also made me feel like booming it together with some more colour, hence the shorts! Am very addicted to the eclectic sparkle feel of Sass & Bide at the moment. Also, even though we are still in our prime summer month, the universe doesn’t seem to agree, hence the boots! We never know to take sunnies, a brolly, jumper, scarf or singlet these days …so I’ve prepared for all sorts.

Hope everyone’s having a great week! ♡


  1. Love your look here! you are always cute !

    1. Thanks a lot Tanya! Can say the same for you xx


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