Monday, February 20, 2012

How Much is Your Pennyworth?

Bracelets from my Australian handmade label: s.e.v.

If you know me, you know I love secondhand items, they are generally really unique pieces that are at super affordable prices -and to be completely honest, even though they've had more than one life, they are generally of such a higher quality than most things that are sold as-new in stores today! 

Pennyworth is a new online vintage store selling second-hand goodness! I discovered them through the wonderful frankie facebook page. This outfit post was inspired by the lovely pennyworth vintage floral shirt, that put a smile on my face for way too long than any material thing should! I've teamed it with an incredible Surry Hills market find (ahh yes, I told you my wardrobe will one day be entirely from that market!) a girl (young woman) was selling it for $10! The strap was torn, but I had some spare gold metallic leather scrap at home, so I saw the bag as a bargain and more than worth the effort of restoring. $10 and 10 minutes later, I have the most amazing handbag ever! It fits e v e r y t h i n g (except for my pushbike! But my bike fits it, so everything is just heaven!) Anyway this bag and shirt have made me the happiest person ever - and I know I have a serious problem when material things being able to make me smile all week long ...but it's a problem I am OK with ;) 

Hope you all had a fun wk-end! I bartended and turned into a granny all at the same time, completely spent for energy.

Floral shirt: pennyworth - vintage
Shorts: custom made -vintage jeans hacked into shorts
Bracelets: s.e.v. - handmade
Bag: Surry Hills market - secondhand

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