Saturday, April 14, 2012

Non-Dairy Coffee Shake ...Thing

(   I don't drink dairy milk, I hate the taste and it hurts my tummy ...and when you think about it, it's not actually natural at all -cows are only naturally pregnant for 4 months of the year, therefore dairy cows are impregnated with hormones to make them continuously produce milk (for about 11 months of the year!) I won't continue to tell you, how this affects the cow and the contents of you milk ...I'll put that in a separate post.   )

Back to this drink ----> it's SO damn hard sometimes to find a cafe that makes an interesting cold coffee without the use of dairy. Coffee frappes surprisingly are not that common (and I'm telling you this because one afternoon I went to five different cafes in the Rocks and could not find one that could make a coffee frappe for me, the last place I went to offered to make me an ice coffee consisting of just cold soy milk, a coffee shot and some vanilla flavour ...It sufficed but was no where near pleasurable. SO with a new blender in hand, I had a little experiment and have found this amazing non-dairy drink.

Blend together:

Almond milk (this milk somehow makes it all frothy, oatmilk didn't have the same effect)
A shot of coffee (or boil the kettle, and on a table spoon put a teaspoon or two of coffee, and pour the boiling water, let it combine a bit then empty into the blender)
Some honey
A frozen banana (when your bananas ripen too fast instead of throwing them out, just put them in your freezer, they are great for drinks like this or banana bread!)

You can also add some ice, but I haven't here.

Then press the magic button and BLEND!

Serve in your favourite glass.

This image is just missing the coffee shot. Pretty simple, pretty easy and pretty yummy!

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