Saturday, April 28, 2012

Research Task
Image: Lover

I've been dreading our Professional Practice research task, that involved market and observational research, and requires an 800 word report on a high-end stand alone store. I chose Lover, I got excited by their designs and overall minimalist web layout, so was eager to see how they portrayed their aesthetic through their store.

While I definitely felt like the biggest creep today checking out the Lover store in the strand arcade for this research task, I must say Australia has definitely got some wonderful design talent about.

The Lover store was completely mesmerising and luring, with its stunning magenta floral image donned across the wooden change room doors, contrasted with an eye-easy, minimalist warehouse aesthetic that makes you realise you are in a design while trying on some design. Their branding is so minimalist, neat yet stunning, it says what is necessary, and lets the design tell the rest. In my opinion Lover's branding is the epitome of perfection. Design is their focus, not the in-between stuff.

Top left corner: Broadsheet  
Left middle: Daily Addict
Bottom left corner: Lover 
All other images are my own.

This cape is at the top of my wishlist, 
it's incredibly soft despite its stiff appearance. 
And is so perfect for Sydney weather right now!

P.S. I wasn't planning on blogging about this task, but the store is so incredible that I wanted to share, and also show how Australian designers' are really creating a wonderful network of innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs, and branding!

P.S.S. We drove past a heavenly crepe cafe on King St. Enmore/Newtown the other day, once uni assessments die down and I'm not at my desk on a Saturday night I plan on a visit to share the details and the stunning (and minimalist) interior of it.

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