Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Style Me Up, the London Way

When I think of London, I think of style, not necessarily stylish but style in its own right. From my experience, people are not afraid to dress as they please, with or without the influence of current trends. 

– I have a lovely memory of walking into my cousin's room, where she was sitting chatting to a friend while wearing a pair of jeans, t-shirt, dress on top, a hand drawn mustache above her top lip and something draped around her head. When I walked in, there was no reaction of anything out-of-the-ordinary, everything carried on as though she were wearing a conventional style of dress and no mustache... until of course I could not contain my giggles of admiration anymore and dashed out to grab my camera, to document that lovely moment of self-confidence and self-expression that I saw through her. –

London either encourages this self-expression of style, or people are just born with it. Next evidence of my London-style theory is Lewis Grant, Australian model and unique soul. From what I picked up, London definitely influenced this young man's style, and to be quite frank on the streets of Sydney to dress the way that Lewis does, can only be done by someone with confidence, strength and the need to express themselves through style. Although there has been a lovely wave of people inventing their own style in Sydney, looking to history for style influence rather than current, mass market trends, it can become quite tough facing people from certain suburbs that are aggressive towards non-conventional dress styles.

I wish to always surround myself by unique souls, people who are true to themselves and know what they like, which comes in hand with a confidence to move away from the conventional side of the 'safe mass-produced world'.

Lewis'  Style:

( Images are not my own, but have been used with permission )

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