Thursday, July 19, 2012

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I finally tried the lovely Brooke Vardi's recipe yesterday. I've had the choped nuts and dates sitting in a container for a week, because when I went to make them last time I remembered that our blender died on me last time I was making pumpkin soup. So, finally with a new hand held blender instead, I got onto the rest of Brooke's wonderful recipe.

The green colour from the spirulina made this treats be a bit off-putting at first, and I must admit it took me three of them to get used to the flavour; but now I am hooked. I even made my mum try one last night and she seemed pretty worried (once again because of the green alien colour!) and probably because I was sitting next to her giggling like crazy; but when she reached for a couple more it was obvious that she liked them! 

I substituted the black sesame seeds on the outside with some more chia seeds, because sesame is bad for my blood type (I did however give in and put tahini in there, but put half a tablespoon less than Brooke's recipe). Also I added some dark chocolate chunks (any excuse to add some choc to a recipe) but it is definitely my favourite part, the crunching texturing of it along with its heavenly taste)

Also definitely check out the rest of Brooke's blog, it's filled with great ideas based on fashion, health (beauty tips too), travel and art; and she's such a lovely character with a beautiful energy about her.

– The Recipe, with thanks to Brooke Vardi 


  1. AnonymousJuly 17, 2012

    I too have made these goji balls (a year ago now) and they were great!
    Would love the recipe for them to try & make them again... Do you by chance have the recipe? The link on your blog has failed to find it.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Carla! Yeah they are such strange but tasty things! I just checked and Brooke doesn't have the recipe up anymore, so I'll scan mine in and do a fresh post including it : )


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