Saturday, September 15, 2012

Flowers still on my Mind

In the Autumn Semester of third year (2010!) I wanted to translate flowers into my textiles and thought what better way, than to trap them between two layers of sheer fabric. I went about pressing flowers and arranging them with nylon thread in between silk organza and then some second hand polyester fabric found at reverse garbage. The result was really pretty, feminine, yet mysterious (of how flowers came to lay between fabric sheets and get stuck there). 

I explored this technique in the beginning of my final year collection that is a 90% denim collection that looks to ways of exploring both feminine and masculine elements throughout it. Flowers are commonly associated with women and a representation of feminine.. so mixing delicate, pressed flowers with a tough, masculine weight of denim seemed like a good idea.

Being told it has been seen before and having floral swamping the fashion world right now it could be a smart move to leave this beauty behind even though it keeps playing on my mind... we'll see what the final decision will be!


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    1. Hi Malin! Loving your blog too, would definitely like to follow each other on bloglovin xx


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