Thursday, April 11, 2013

 Double D (for denim, cup size.. maybe in another life)

 Ouuuffff denim is EVERYWHERE, but I'm not complaining cause it's my favourite fabric forever! *Double denim paired with a French navy belt.


  1. I love denim on denim! Everyone thinks I'm so tacky when I do it, but I can't (won't) stop!

    1. Haha nooo it's not tacky, I think it's fun, I've seen and done denim jeans, denim shirt AND denim jacket hahaa! (Doubt it about your hair, I've committed to letting mine grow as much as it wants to now : ))

  2. By the way, I used to have my hair cut like yours too and it looked so horrible on me, but it looks so good on you! Le sigh of jealous disappointment... /:


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